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Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Study at the Nature Preserve!

A nature preserve recently opened to the public here in our neck of the woods in RI, and we just HAD to go check it out!  The children absolutely LOVED it!  As did their father and I.  We saw many species of plants trees and insects that I had no idea even existed in RI.  You get the idea.  If you have any sort of nature preserve where you live, woods you can venture through (with lots of bug repellent of course) or anything of the like you simply must visit it at least once.  

    Now, it's true that you can enjoy nature study wherever you are.  Right in your own backyard.  But there is an unprecedented beauty about nature undisturbed.  Since a nature preserve is a quiet, peaceful, calm sanctuary you can view animals and insects that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to view in your yard.  Enjoy God's wonderful, exquisite creation whichever way you can.  But certainly take advantage of the untouched areas you may have available to you.

 This odd little beetle was so beautifully colored.  We'd never seen anything like it before.

 Can you believe that I had NO idea that pine cones started out green when growing?  The things you don't learn about as a child you learn while homeschooling your own children.  When you teach someone, you BOTH learn!

 These two bugs were mating.  Guess it's mating season for these particular beetles. LOL

 My son was amazed by moss.  You don't see this much in the city.  Practically no trees in the city to allow a shady spot for it to grow.

 I am blessed to have a husband that cares greatly about what I'm doing with educating our children, and he enjoys taking part in things that we do.
 This was a chimney from a 18th century farmhouse that stood on this spot years ago.  We were amazed at the skill and craftsmanship that went into building a simple chimney.  We also spotted the hook inside where pots were hung over the fire!

God Bless,

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