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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Story of the World Vol 3

Story of the World Vol 3: Early Modern Times are now available for download under the Vol 3 Resources tab.  Please enjoy and look out for volume 4!

God Bless,

5 Interesting thoughts:

Aranas Clan said...

Thank you, Mary, for these resources and offering them for free. May I ask how you incorporate your notebook pages with your SOTW? Thanks in advance -- Janice in Sacramento

Mary said...

You're quite welcome. The way that we use the sheets are more like narration pages I suppose. My children either write their narrations after the reading themselves onto the sheets of what they remember. When they are younger I write their narrations word for word. I then put their completed sheet into their history binders.

Sherry said...

I loved your pages for Vol 3. Do you have some for Vol 4?
Thank you.

Dena Anderson said...

I am curious if you have the timeline pages for volume 3 like you do for volume 1? Thank you so much for all you do! I appreciate your blog and willingness to share your resources!

Janaínauhjili Jardim said...

Hi, how can I achieve volume 2 networking?

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