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Monday, September 3, 2012

Story of the World Volume 2 Resources

Here is the link to Volume 2

Timeline cards

Notebooking Pages

God Bless,

Monday, August 27, 2012

The New Order of the Mass cards

I needed something for my children to use during Mass that was simple and straightforward for them to follow.  We do have the Mass cards in the pew, but it's very difficult for my children to know where to follow along and when.  So, I made up these kid friendly Mass cards by borrowing one from church.  I printed mine out onto white cardstock and laminated to make them durable.

Please Enjoy!

God Bless,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop 2012!


Okay!  It is my favorite time of the homeschooling year!  The time when we all get to share what we're doing with our kids this year.  We've been homeschooling for 7 years now and I would never trade a minute of it.  Honestly!  Oh, I have my days where I'm totally burnt out, or tired; but I really would not give up this lifestyle for anything.  My kids have never set foot in a government institution and they never will as long as we have this freedom!

So, this week is curriculum week.  Truth be told I *LOVE*, *LOVE*, *LOVE* planning my own curriculum.  Putting my own things together for my kids and using old sources for things.  So, lets get to the run down.

We have what's called a "Morning Basket" which is the subjects that we do together everyday.  This would include; prayers & calendar, Faith Formation, History, Geography, Science, Nature Study, Latin, Art.  These subjects we do together.  For prayers and calendar I teach my children some new Catholic prayers each term, and we work on the new calendar and weather books I made.  You can print your own here. After that we do Faith Formation (St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism, Angel Food for Boys and Girls, Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls, Catholic Bible).  Next we work on history (Story of the World) on Monday and Wednesday, then we do science (Great Science Adventures) on Tuesday and nature study on Thursday.  Friday is a makeup day if needed.  Or else field trips and videos are shown then.

After those subjects we do Geography (Holling C. Holling Books, Intellego Unit Studies) and Latin (Prima Latina, Little Latin Readers, Getting Started with Latin)

Then the boys move on to their other subjects that they do individually.  

Math (Math Mammoth, CLE)
Spelling/Dictation (Spelling Wisdom, Dictation day by day, All About Spelling)
English/Grammar ( PLL, ILL, English for the Thougtful Child, Easy Grammar)
Poetry (The Harp and Laurel Wreath)
Memory Work (Bible Passages, The Beatitudes)
Copywork (ZB for our model and Startwrite software with passages from our readings)

We also do loads of lapbooking and notebooking.  We don't take tests around here.  Except for math and spelling, everything else is strictly narration and notebooking/lapbooking.  I think that about sums up our curriculum here.  I'm already thinking about what to use for next year believe it or not!  I'm sure some things (or many) will be tweaked along the way this school year, but we're having fun.  

Can't wait to check out what everyone else is using!

For links to any of our curriculum, visit our curriculum page up top! 

The "Morning Basket"
My Children's Daily Lesson Binders

(This is my first time trying this one out.  It may change to something else as it seems to have a lot of work involved.  
We'll see)
Faith Formation
(Some) of our Nature Study books
We love Glenn Blough in this house!
These are our weekly lesson plans.  I have to fill in my daughters still.  We are color coded here.  We are all assigned a color for the long haul.  No one changes it.

God Bless!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

2 New Freebies to Share!

Well, I've been at it again.  I have two new things that I've created to share with you.  The first is a calendar and weather book.  I've seen something similar floating around somewhere in cyber world, but I couldn't nail it down.  So I created my own and I'd like to share it with you.  My children will start using theirs tomorrow.

Just click on the picture to download the file.

Here is how I bound them for my kids.

This particular page I printed one for each day we have lessons.
This next printable that I'm sharing with you is plastic drawer front labels.  I've sized them to fit the Sterilite Drawer fronts perfectly.  Just print on cardstock and attach to the inside of the drawers using glue dots if possible.  I've found that to be the most secure way of attaching them and the glue dots come off easily if you ever want to remove them.

Just click on the picture to download the file!

I've included blank labels for you to fill in how you like.


God Bless!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Purging, Organizing, and Cleaning

Well, this was a long time in the making.  After buying doubles and sometimes triples (shhh..) too many times, I had to do something.  I had no clue, no idea, not even a hint of what books I had exactly.  I had to sort books into piles by subject, era, age, and whatever other category I came up with.  

 This was just as I was beginning my endeavor.  My husband and kids were sidestepping and doing twister moves all afternoon!

Starting to take shape!  I haven't seen that much black since they were assembled.

Next I arranged the books onto shelves by subject.  Some have to share a shelf until I sort a little more tomorrow.

English/Grammar/Spelling and some History overspill

Next up is some history books, until I find all the rest.

Below that we have Science

Some Nature Study... I still have an ENTIRE bookshelf of Nature Study to go through!..

 The dump shelf.  Oh c'mon!  You know you all have one.

My bulletin board

 Faith Formation and Readers

All clean and neat with my children's workboxes!

 So, what are you doing this week?

God Bless,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm not gone!

Had to switch internet providers and was without for a bit.  We also started our school year on July 16th and my birthday is on Sunday, but I'll be posting some great things and some reviews soon.  I'm still here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Copywork Pages for Free Download

I've created some copywork pages for my own children that I'd like to share with you.  One set is quotes and poems, the other is Catholic prayers.  Please enjoy!

God Bless,

Just click on the pictures to be taken to the download.

Catholic Prayers Copywork Pages

Quotes and Poems Copywork Pages

Monday, June 25, 2012

A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston

I'm offering this book as a free download.  It's a public domain book and I take no credit for it other than formatting it into a pdf to make it easier to save and print.  But please enjoy!  This book is fantastic and a timeless classic for teaching children about American History.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wanted to share with you my joy!

Say hello to the newest Altar server at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

He was very embarrassed as the priest was standing right to the side.  Oh well, mama needed a picture to remember this moment! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Study at the Nature Preserve!

A nature preserve recently opened to the public here in our neck of the woods in RI, and we just HAD to go check it out!  The children absolutely LOVED it!  As did their father and I.  We saw many species of plants trees and insects that I had no idea even existed in RI.  You get the idea.  If you have any sort of nature preserve where you live, woods you can venture through (with lots of bug repellent of course) or anything of the like you simply must visit it at least once.  

    Now, it's true that you can enjoy nature study wherever you are.  Right in your own backyard.  But there is an unprecedented beauty about nature undisturbed.  Since a nature preserve is a quiet, peaceful, calm sanctuary you can view animals and insects that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to view in your yard.  Enjoy God's wonderful, exquisite creation whichever way you can.  But certainly take advantage of the untouched areas you may have available to you.

 This odd little beetle was so beautifully colored.  We'd never seen anything like it before.

 Can you believe that I had NO idea that pine cones started out green when growing?  The things you don't learn about as a child you learn while homeschooling your own children.  When you teach someone, you BOTH learn!

 These two bugs were mating.  Guess it's mating season for these particular beetles. LOL

 My son was amazed by moss.  You don't see this much in the city.  Practically no trees in the city to allow a shady spot for it to grow.

 I am blessed to have a husband that cares greatly about what I'm doing with educating our children, and he enjoys taking part in things that we do.
 This was a chimney from a 18th century farmhouse that stood on this spot years ago.  We were amazed at the skill and craftsmanship that went into building a simple chimney.  We also spotted the hook inside where pots were hung over the fire!

God Bless,