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Friday, June 1, 2012

What Does Nature Study Look Like?

When you hear the words "Nature Study", what images come to mind? 

Do you see hiking trails?

Woods to explore? 

 Perhaps the seashore?

Well, all of those places are excellent.  But they are not the only sources of nature study. Nature study takes place in nature!  Wherever there are natural things around you, you'll find nature.  Go out into your own backyard. The local park, or take a walk down your street.  You'll be sure to find nature there.
When I first learned about the Charlotte Mason method of learning and teaching, and of nature study, I was very nervous.  I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. 

How funny right?

Nervous about nature!

Well it wasn't nature itself that frightened me, (well except for the huge spiders!) but I didn't think that I would be able to find enough nature around us. Sounds silly doesn't it, since mostly everything outside your door is nature. Well, I thought that nature study couldn't be done unless trekking through forests, discovering streams and brooks and all the other things you see in lovely pictures.
For all those that think like I did.  That's just not so.
 Let me repeat that.

That's just not so

Nature Study can happen anywhere! 

 Walk outside your door, look up, and draw the clouds!  Learn about them! Discover them like never before. Learn about the trees that are around you. What country are they native to? 

You'll be surprised the things you'll find out. 

Most importantly, keep a nature journal.  Not just for your children, but you as well.

  I'm finding great delight in keeping my own nature journal!

Take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures!

Most importantly, have fun! Nature study is a relaxing, eye opening, bewilderment of God's hand at work!

God Bless,

2 Interesting thoughts:

Bright Sky Mom said...

I just bought a fold out pamphlet of trees like the one in your picture. I can't remember if it is East Coast or specific to Virginia. I also bought a small book & CD of bird songs. Now to get outside to do more than pull weeds and walk the dog!

Mary said...

Bright Sky Mom,

Hey, that's a start! Make sure to keep some nature journals and make leaf rubbings of the trees you study. It's very fulfilling. Have Fun.

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