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Friday, July 27, 2012

Purging, Organizing, and Cleaning

Well, this was a long time in the making.  After buying doubles and sometimes triples (shhh..) too many times, I had to do something.  I had no clue, no idea, not even a hint of what books I had exactly.  I had to sort books into piles by subject, era, age, and whatever other category I came up with.  

 This was just as I was beginning my endeavor.  My husband and kids were sidestepping and doing twister moves all afternoon!

Starting to take shape!  I haven't seen that much black since they were assembled.

Next I arranged the books onto shelves by subject.  Some have to share a shelf until I sort a little more tomorrow.

English/Grammar/Spelling and some History overspill

Next up is some history books, until I find all the rest.

Below that we have Science

Some Nature Study... I still have an ENTIRE bookshelf of Nature Study to go through!..

 The dump shelf.  Oh c'mon!  You know you all have one.

My bulletin board

 Faith Formation and Readers

All clean and neat with my children's workboxes!

 So, what are you doing this week?

God Bless,

2 Interesting thoughts:

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Go, Mary! I've been doing my purging and reorganizing too. Everything looks nice and neat for our school probably won't stay that way for long though! LOL

Mary said...

Our Side of the Mountain,

I wish I could address you by name! LOL.

You know, you're probably right about not staying neat. I try, but it seems I'm always dumping papers or projects on shelves as a "temporary" home, but they seem to stay.

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