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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm not gone....I'm still here

Well, after some rough patches in life.  Like my brother going through the only divorce in our family, it's been a tough time.  Only the Lord knows what stands ahead of us.  I really hope that I'm still able to see my nieces and nephew again.  Well, enough about me.  It seems as though there's been one sickness after another around here though.  Cold after cold this year.  I promise I'll be back with some goodies though.

God Bless,

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

A couple of my brothers have divorced sadly but I am so pleased to say that both sister-in-laws have a conscious effort to drop the kids off at my mums for weekends,school holidays etc. (my brothers still had their weekends) so they have still remained a part of our families lives. It can work if everyone tries. I am sorry, divorce is never easy especially if like me you love your sister-in-laws like sisters (I only have brothers). "Kia Kaha" (it means stay strong in Maori).

Janet Sedano said...

I came across your blog through a blog carnival. Looking through your blog, you are so creative!
I'm sorry about your brother's divorce. Same happened with my brother, and sadly we rarely see my nieces. I hope that won't be the case with you either.

We, too, have been sick here for a while. It's been like a month!! My poor hubby had to go to work sick. I dont know how he did it...because I couldn't even get out of bed. On days like that, I'm so thankful for time4learning! My daughter can work independently, and I just go back and review her scores so I can repeat the lesson with her if she had trouble.
Thanks for sharing your cool ideas!!

Jacqueline Butler said...

I pray that your family can find strength and peace in the Lord. Divorce is hard. My brother went through a nasty divorce but thankfully we were able to remain in contact with our nephew. Praying that she will be reasonable and see that family is important.
The sick cooties are definitely alive and kicking this winter. We've got a permanent supply of oranges and ginger ale. So glad that your back.

Mary said...

Thank you everyone so much for your kind words. They mean more than you could ever know. It seems that my family has been dealt a rough patch lately. My oldest sister is recovering from brain and breast cancer. Only God truly knows what lies ahead for her. Lots of prayers here for her, but this are slowly getting back to normal in my little world here. I will be adding some new posts and printables soon.

God Bless,

Dan-n-Jaci Scheidemantle said...

Thank you for the SOTW resources. I am endebted to you! I wish you well.

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