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Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Interesting Thought....

Do you know that on the day that the Pope announced his resignation, a lightning bolt struck the dome of St. Peter's? 

A lightning strikes St Peter's dome at the Vatican on February 11

 Do you think that this has any significant meaning? 

 I've been contemplating this.  

The world seems to be headed only one way, and we know what that way is. 

People have abandoned God.  
People have forgotten God.  
People have stopped praying, stopped attending Mass.  

They blame the church, the priest, or the congregation.  
I don't attend Mass for the parishioners, the priest or anything else of earth. 

I attend Mass for the sacrifice of Calgary.  
I attend Mass to show honor, love and respect to the Lord.
I attend Mass to show God that he is worth my time.  Worthy of my love.  

I can't help but wonder what lies ahead for us as humanity.  God the Almighty wiped out the earth for a lot less evil.  

What is the world setting itself up for?  

Tell me what you think of all of this.

God Bless,

2 Interesting thoughts:

Jade Emeralds said...

Hi Mary,
I found your site while searching for letter tiles. I found some great ones on your site! Thank you. Then, I decided to peek around your blog, and came across this post. A lot has happened since you posted this comment. The world is darker and darker. There is much I could share with you, but it would take hours and hours for me just to share a little, with all that the Lord and His Blessed Mother have revealed to me since returning from pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 2013. I went with my mother, aunt, and our dear Charismatic prayer group leader, who was around 73, at the time. We had an amazing pilgrimage, and it's very evident that our Blessed Mother is appearing there. The Vatican has since approved the first 7 apparitions there, declaring them supernatural. The presence of God and is so evident there, brought to us through Our Mama, the Queen of Peace. Mary's presence came back home with me, through graces that were poured out upon my family in the months after my pilgrimage. If you haven't already, I highly recommend the place to begin to open your heart to the times in which we live, would be Mirjana's book, "My Heart Will Triumph". It is a beautiful, truthful, sincere, insightful look into what is going on in Medjugorje, and Our Lady's messages and plans. It has phenomenal reviews on Amazon because it is truly written from the heart, and with such deep humility. It will change your life. I am not exaggerating. You cannot help but be transformed by the messages of Medjugorje. We have such a wonderful, loving mother, who has great concern for our salvation.

A little about me: I am from Canada and am a very devout Canadian Catholic, and I am married to a wonderful husband for 15 years. We have 5 beautiful children, that have been touched by our Lady and Lord, and is evident in their tremendously loving natures. We pray the family Rosary each night, and are learning about the gift of Living in the Divine Will, which is the greatest gift God has ever given to us, besides his Sacrifice and the Church. I have been a long time member of the Charismatic Renewal, have attended many conferences and retreats, recently attended a Cursillo, and my husband and I have been taken youth to the Youth Steubenville Conferences over the years. It was when I returned from Medjugorje that the truth about everything began to unfold. This happened for both my mother and I, and we were learning about the same things. Our Mother was working with us in the same manner. We felt like we had been living in a bubble our whole lives, concerning the Church, matters in the world, etc. and what is really going on. If you would like to talk further, you can privately email me and there is much literature, videos, talks, etc. that I could send for your discernment. We are in troubling times, but we are in awesome times. We will see the worst and the best in our times, if it is God's will, as one never knows when we will receive our call home. God bless you. Again, if you would like to further converse and share, I am just an email away. If you haven't read Mirijana's book, you must. I sincerely mean it with that emphasis. I believe her book is a must read for every person for our times. It will also fill you with hope and peace, in this time of chaos. Let me know what you think of the book. I am always here to talk. I would love to hear what you think, and what the Lord has shown you since you last posted this comment. God bless!

Warmest blessings,

Jade Emeralds said...

PS. I forgot to mention that I am a homeschooling mother for the past 5 years. We currently have 4 children in school and a toddler. :-) God bless.

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