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Monday, May 19, 2014

Here Is Why I've Been MIA Lately!

Meet the newest member of our garden!  Baby Sunflower  
(Adam Raphael)

He was born on April 5th and is such a joy!  We call him Mr. Cranky though.  He has colic and reflux, as well as a milk protein allergy so he's not a very happy baby (yet).  After many prayers the Lord blessed us with another child to complete our family.  I had a very rough pregnancy this past time and was on bed rest often.  I'll be posting more now that the hardest part is over, so stay tuned.

So, here he is!

4 Interesting thoughts:

Aranas Clan said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this time and remain "missing in action" as long as you need to get yourself rested and baby settled. God bless. Janice in Sacramento

Mary said...

Aranas Clan,

Thank you for your kind concern! I am trying to rest as much as possible while we learn this whole baby thing again. It's amazing everything you forget and are easily frazzled by silly things such as remembering where you put a burp cloth. I do look forward to getting back to blogging though. I so enjoy sharing my work with others!

Anonymous said...

Wow, gratulation. Beautiful addition to your family. Greetings from Hawaii!

MyGoogPics said...

What a beautiful, normal, natural, intact, and whole baby you have! So lucky to be protected from circumcision. I am glad his basic human rights to a body free from unnecessary harm was honored!

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