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Our Philosophy

We believe that to truly educate a child, you must have a strong, loving bond with them. I'm not saying that teachers who do so for a career are not "teaching" children. But to really EDUCATE them one must strive to look out for their best interests at all costs. Only someone who is with that child day in and day out truly knows them as an individual, and knows what is best for them body and soul, to educate them fully. We want our children's souls to be educated, not just their minds. Feeding their spirits as well as their bodies is our goal. By homeschooling our children, we are ensuring that they are not tainted by the evil in this world at such a young age. We are insuring that their minds, so pliable and young, are not molded in the materialistic ways of the world we live in. They will have to face it someday, but not today. And not alone. We are learning, loving, living and thriving together as a family. We're raising saints, not rocket scientists. If they happen to become rocket scientists, well great! But we'd be just as happy with any path they choose in life that is moral, just and upstanding. We just want them to be intelligent, loving, compassionate, well balanced, nurturing, faith oriented people.

2 Interesting thoughts:

Michelle said...

Well said! God bless you! Thank you for so many wonderful resources!

Beth Lehman said...

So well stated! I completely agree.

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