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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beauty in the Mundane...

Let's play a little game shall we? 

Take a walk around your yard, perhaps the park, on the beach, wherever.  Look around you and see what beauty you can spot in something that would be considered not beautiful. 

Today while we were doing our outside nature study, I was looking for signs of spring.  I am not a flower planter by nature.  I much prefer to plant vegetables in my garden, but I love to look at pretty flowers.  Since we live in an apartment, flowers are rare and hard to come by unless planted by the tenants.  As we were studying leaves and matching them up to our Peterson field guides I noticed some bushes and trees that contained inconspicuous looking flowers.  Upon closer observation I was surprised at how beautiful the little flowers were.  Here's the challenge.  Go around and take pictures of things that at first glance, would be passed over for ordinary.  Look closer with the lens of a camera and see if you can find the beauty in God's creation.  Post back here if you like.  Just thought this would be a fun project.

A mother's favorite "flower"

My little nature explorers

God Bless,


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