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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My New Favorite Friend....

Okay.  So perhaps a coffee maker shouldn't be a friend.  But it is to me.  It saves me oodles of time and makes the best drinks around!  

This invention is truly the best thing since the microwave. (Not that I use that much ;) But should you be able to pick one of these up for yourself, you really won't regret it.  I resisted getting one for so long.  Figuring that it's just a coffee maker, I don't really need a coffee maker.  No.  It's so much more.  I no longer have to waste an entire pot of coffee after deciding that I only want one cup.  Or have to wait for it to brew.  With the Keurig, after it primes for 4 minutes, it's then ready to churn out cup after cup.  I love the variety of coffee and tea I get to try, although my personal favorite is the Celestial Seasonings Black English Breakfast Tea.

The Grove Street Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa is also to die for.  I'll probable give up one of my favorites for Lent. 

I feel the need to add that I'm not being reimbursed anything to give this review.  I've paid for everything with my own funds and will continue to do so.  ;)

God Bless,

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