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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Lenten Feast Shelf...

I'd like to share with you our Feast shelf. It's my favorite spot in the house apartment, and small one at that! But we make do. The Lord provides for us always and I wanted to give back by making a feast table. But since our apartment is so tiny, a shelf was all I could manage to squeeze in. But I did make it the focal point of our entire home! I change the colors of the background, scarves, floral and candle ring by Liturgical color.

I keep on planning to make pretty frames for the pictures and laminate my colored background.  But somehow something always comes up!  Tomorrow I will have to stop procrastinating and just get it done!  With 3 kids under the age of 9, I don't do real candles anywhere but the kitchen stove, where it's safe.  This candle I purchased from Joann Fabrics online.  It's a battery powered candle (I'm having a brain slodge here and can't think of the technical name) that looks VERY realistic when on.  It's melted around the top and smells of vanilla.  A faint smell as to not overpower you, but adds a nice touch.

The book I found at Amazon.  We plan on reading it this week.  Glancing through it quickly I think it will add quite a bit to my children's understanding of the stations of the cross.  The teeny tiny little statues that I bought looked much bigger online.  I guess I'll have to buy some in person somewhere.

I took some pictures of the candle glowing for you, but I'm terrible at photographing with settings and such.  Bear with me as I learn!

They happen to have faux palm branches on sale at Joann's right now, and I snagged me one for the vase!  So this is my little piece of Heaven on earth.  I hope you've enjoyed peeking at our shelf.  I love seeing what everyone else does as well! :)

God Bless,

2 Interesting thoughts:

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Hi Mary!! It's so nice to meet you! You have a cute blog and a beautiful family!
This shelf is lovely!! You may have a small area but it's just as important and meaningful (if not more)!! Thanks for linking-up!!
God Bless!

Mary said...

Thanks! I was so happy to see so many homes decorated with the faith. I've got a lot of ideas for crafts and DIY projects that I want to try, as well as learning of other blogs I may not have heard about. Thanks for hosting it! :)

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